A Process to Help Future-Proof Your Facilities

April 3, 2017 Julia Washburn

Most maintenance teams spend a majority of their time putting out fires and responding to reactive work requests. This leaves little time to analyze historical facilities trends, and ultimately equates to higher costs and overwhelmed employees. To break this cycle, you need to assess, prioritize, plan, execute and maintain, a process we call APPEM.

A facility condition assessment (FCA) provides insight into your needs, but should be kept current. When coupled with historical facilities data, an FCA will help to justify your capital needs and move your maintenance operations from a reactive to proactive state.

Last week, SchoolDude and School Planning & Management hosted a webinar featuring Ray Mirizzi, Director Operations & Maintenance at Northern Kentucky University. He shared how he has developed a successful plan that has resulted in:

  • Greater efficiencies and lower maintenance costs
  • Higher staff productivity
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • A defensible estimate of short-term and long-term capital needs

You can watch the webinar recording here!

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I've been a member of the SchoolDude marketing team for over 3 years, and I work with Independent schools and Higher Education institutions. I’ve lived in North Carolina my entire life, but don’t have much of an accent – at least I don’t think I do? I attended NC State University and earned my degree in Communication. I'm active in several clubs within in the community. On the weekend, you’ll find me downtown testing out new restaurants, volunteering or dancing at a local concert.

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