An Alternative to Excel Templates for Inventory Management

March 17, 2017 Grace Flack

Inventory control can be tricky. When it comes to keeping track of your various types of inventory and accessing data on each item that comes in and out of your organization, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and lose track altogether. Whether you’re using Excel templates for inventory management or something on paper, there is a better way!

Rather than trying to devise your own spreadsheet or tracking form, explore how easy-to-use software could help you improve your inventory management to save time and resources.

Inventory Management Solutions That Go Beyond Excel

An inventory management template is handy, but it doesn’t offer complete control of your items. Cloud-based software companies such as Dude Solutions have taken inventory management to new levels with solutions designed around inventory needs. With inventory management software, your inventory management goes beyond the Excel template to provide:

  • Material transactions and real-time levels of stock pools
  • Assignment of inventory to location, person or project
  • Online requests and email notifications for inventory use
  • Detailed data through reports and graphs of inventory movement

Another advantage our software is that it’s cloud-based and can be used from any location on any supported mobile device. You can be miles away from your inventory but still check on numbers or make transactions. A built-in catalog even makes for quick and easy ordering of new items, all of which can be tracked in your inventory management system.

Our maintenance management solutions can be used to manage inventory for maintenance items, schools supplies, athletic equipment, IT products and more. Efficient inventory management can save time and money while boosting operational efficiency and accountability.

SchoolDude, a Dude Solutions company, has been found to save between $7 and $10 per student annually through more streamlined inventory management and automatic request routing. Plus, you'll save on paper materials by taking your inventory management digital.

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