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  • Winter is Coming | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 49

    As much as we may have wished against it, winter is near once again. Listen to Dude Solutions' Operate Intelligently podcast for tips on surviving the winter months.

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  • Weathering the Storm | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 48

    On this episode of the Operate Intelligently podcast from Dude Solutions, Bob "Papa Dude" Bittner provides some simple but important tips to ensure your facility is ready for any emergency.

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  • Hello, 2016! | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 47

    Happy 2016, Dudecast listeners! Bob starts the year off by doing a 2015 year in review on the Operate Intelligently Podcast.

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  • What Keeps You Up at Night? | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 46

    For our last podcast of the year, Ray and Bob wanted to address some of the biggest things that Facility Managers lose sleep over every night. Listen to learn more!

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  • Taking Service to the Next Level | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 45

    We are back this week on the Operate Intelligently Podcast to talk more about Customer Service and what that means to the facility maintenance professional.

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  • Facility Management & Customer Service | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 44

    This week on the Operate Intelligently podcast, Grace Tester is back in the studio talking about what it takes to deliver great customer service.

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  • Home for the Holidays | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 43

    This week on the Operate Intelligently Podcast, Bob and Ray K start thinking about what the holidays mean for a facility manager. Listen in for more.

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  • Follow the Leader | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 42

    This week on the Operate Intelligently podcast, Bob and Ray K are talking about leadership. What does it mean to be a good leader? Listen in to learn more!

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  • Winter is Risky Business | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 41

    Mary Beth Ormiston joins Bob and Ray K in the studio to help remind all of our facility managers out there about ways to minimize risk as we move into winter.

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  • Winter is Coming... | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 40

    During this episode of the Operate Intelligently podcast, Bob and Ray go through the top things to remember when getting ready for the colder weather.

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  • Managing Change, Part 2 | Operate Intelligently Ep. 39

    Bob and Ray are continuing their conversation on change, but this week they have brought in a special guest, change management expert Jack Spain. Listen in for more!

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  • Managing Change | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 38

    Listen in to episode 38 of the Operate Intelligently podcast as Bob and Ray talk change management in the studio this week.

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  • Are you and the C-Suite speaking the same language? | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 37

    Effectively communicating with your organizational leadership is crucial to your job! Listen to our podcast to see how you can start the conversation with your C-suite.

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  • Money Talks | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 36

    Tim Gasper is back with us this week on the Operate Intelligently podcast to continue talking about performance contracts, but this time he will be focusing on the money and return aspect.

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  • Is Your Saving Solution in the Energy Dumpster? | Podcast Ep. 35

    This week on the Operate Intelligently Podcast, Bob and Ray invited Tim Gasper from Brady Trane into the studio to talk about performance contracting and energy savings.

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  • It's Cool to Meet You, Ray! | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 34

    This week, we welcome the newest member to the Operate Intelligently podcast team. Ray Karawhala joins Bob as our new co-host to talk about the evolution of air conditioning.

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  • Are you prepared for crisis? | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 33

    This week on the Operate Intelligently podcast, Bob takes a look into crisis planning and preparation. Do you know what to do in an emergency situation in your facility?

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  • Get in touch with your inner salesman! | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 32

    Join Bob and Dude salesman, Jon Mills, on the Operate Intelligently podcast as they discuss what it takes to be the most effective salesman for your organization.

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  • Covering Your Assets | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 31

    Managing your facility’s assets involves being able to answer the tough questions. Learn more about these questions and how best to answer them on this week's podcast.

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  • Stop! In the Name of Mold | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 30

    This week, we are continuing our discussion on indoor air quality and focusing on the sticky subject of mold! Listen in as Bob chats about what environments are ideal for mold spores to grow.

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