Getting Buy-In | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 3

October 26, 2014 Dude Solutions

Papa Dude and Tony sit down to discuss how to get buy-in as a facility manager. In this podcast, Papa Dude and Tony describe three points to consider when working to get buy-in.

1. Develop a common language. A lot of times, your C-suite doesn't speak your language and visa versa. Generally, this is because of a lack of understanding of responsibilities and goals.

2. Lay out requirements in a needs format. Develop a Service Level Agreement with management so that expectations are clear. Help them understand what happens when requirements like fire, life and safety inspections are neglected because of your team being taken off task.

3. Create a mutual understanding. Become a trusted advisor. You're the expert on the ground. If you develop a trusting relationship with the C-suite you are more likely to achieve more of your goals.

Next week, Papa Dude and Tony will discuss how to get buy-in from your team during our part 2.

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