5 Utility Management Best Practices | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 5

November 10, 2014 Dude Solutions

We’re getting into the colder seasons. This change in season means higher gas bills, higher electric bills and more consumption by our facilities to create comfortable environments. Bob “Papa Dude” Bitner and Tony Butler discuss some best practices to help you prepare for the fall and winter seasons.

It’s important that you understand how to manage your utilities. You can’t manage what you don’t know. Take a look at and understand your utility bills. Work with your accounts payable staff to review the utility bills. While they look at the dollars that are spent on utilities, help them understand how you look at utility usage. For example, explain how kBTU usage per square foot is used to normalize energy usage across different buildings.

Papa Dude also points out how benchmarking facility’s utility usage against other buildings with similar profiles. This can help to identify if you have an issue that needs to be resolved. You can also refer to EnergyStar.gov to help you with benchmarking.

Utility Management Best Practices

1. Know your data

2. Know your facility’s utilization

3. Know your facility systems and why utility types they use.

4. Turn off unused equipment. Show the impact of this by publishing utility usage by employees.

5. Look into technology. For example, occupancy sensory, Energy Star certified equipment and building automation.

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