Facility Management & Customer Service | Operate Intelligently Podcast Ep. 44

November 24, 2015 Dude Solutions

This week, Grace Tester is back in the studio talking about what it takes to deliver great customer service. Like it or not, facility managers have to be able to use these skills to make sure they are not only maintaining building operations, but that the requests received are treated in the best possible way. Are you really listening to what the problem is? Is your team properly communicating back to the person making a request? Do you know who your "customer" is ? How do you deal with a situation “when the customer is not always right”? Grace shares insight from her years in the service industry and goes over the key traits to creating and maintaining a customer service organization.

Take a few minutes to listen in… and remember that we will be taking a week away from the podcast while we are traveling for Thanksgiving, but we will be back in two weeks!

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